Talkback: Real change, and how to achieve it

The more I read, the more I realize you’re right: societal change won’t take (legislative, or otherwise). This is because humans are inherently flawed and small-minded. Any progress we achieve in the legislature can be undermined (see: voter suppression, disenfranchisement) by assholes when they inevitably take power. So, what then?


Full devolution leads to Corporate rule, since they’d be the largest actor left.

Partial devolution reverts us back to the present status quo.

At present, we face multiple problems: racism, wealth inequity, and institutional sexism. We’ve made great progress against the latter, but the former two are still very much alive and kicking.


Abolishing government wouldn’t do much against existing power structures. Which is why I’m always banging on about repatriations. Not that helicopter cashing would do much against the existent power structures and the existent structural racism. Fixing this requires a multi-pronged approach.

And unfortunately, change won’t last unless we push for it.

Capital is part of the problem

Capitalism is part of this problem, since it’s built on the golden rule: he who has the gold, makes the rules. Capital is all about using the force of contract and dollar to gain power. Debt is a key component in Capitalism. A consumerist economy relies on a nation of debt slaves to endlessly purchase commodified goods in ever-increasing amounts. Debt, interestingly enough, often hits people of colour disproportionally.


Capital also twists courts, as we found out in Detroit:


The problem of debt doesn’t go away with a federal government. As long as a form of government exists, capital will leverage it to its advantage.

Systemic Racism is part of the problem

The problem of systemic racism - of institutions and governments being tilted against people of colour - doesn’t disappear with a federal government, either: it becomes easier for mobs to threaten violence and removes remedies against city and state-level governments.


Devolution is not the cure - legislation and education is

There are a number of changes that need to be made, and the best place to start is education. Opening eyes to the very real wrongs that are going on right now is key.


Ideally, the institution of Capital should be abolished. The debt-based model needs to be replaced with one that actually helps people, not one designed to gradually deprive people of land and liberty. Modern Money Theory provides us a prescription: instead of creating money through debt and fractional-lending shenanigans, it should be spent into existence by governments.

97% of “money” in Canada and Britain is debt, in the form of credit. That’s bloody insane. Both on a governmental and societal level. (Why is the government borrowing money when the one job it has is creating money?) It’s also unsustainable: as much as 35% of people’s paycheques go to servicing debt. By 2007 the Canadian government had spent one trillion dollars servicing debt - to banks.


Abolishing capital won’t fix the existing wrongs, nor will it fix bigots. For the former we need legislation and remuneration. For the latter - a good ol’ punching (or at least, legislation forcing bigots to not be bigots).


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