Systemic Oppression Is A Structure: A Response To "Moderate Mike"

The world is filled with people.

And one of those people is a dude we’ll call Moderate Mike.

Mike styles himself as a self-made man, who, by virtue of sheer work ethic (and lack of melanin) found his way into a modest job paying a modest salary. He thinks that it would be nice if everyone could be like him. Mike doesn’t hate anyone. Mike isn’t racist. He just thinks it inconvenient when melanin-enriched folk speak up about the oppression they face. Mike reads blogs like The Register, but as a left-ponder, mostly reads the murica-centric stuff. Mike considers himself on the left but dislikes progressives and liberals. Mike believes both sides of the political divide are equally bad.

Mike writes dumb posts like:

What if anything does this have to do with any of my post regarding the issues I’ve talked about? Political Bias is the new console war, and I’d argue it’s a big show. As I’ve said before my friend I’m on your side if you want to talk economics and reasonable social change. However to sit here and spout social change when you argue my status in life is built on systematic oppression when my solutuons fix those problems, yours kicks them down the road just like the people who spearhead your positiom plan to get donatioms to keep up the good fight.

Bias isn’t things I disagree with, as I can mostly agree with people that share my political ideology, it’s just gotten to the point, where you can witness how ineffective this change is as well as the consequences of not also pushing for economic change.


and other dumb posts like

The fact you are saying centrism is a bad thing tells me about all I need to know really.

Yes fixing economoc issues such as unequal educations and otherwise will help systemic issues of oppression and division. You also denying that tells me a bit of what I need to know.

Politics plays to biases because they work. Yours is once again showing by what you are saying.

Your level of perception is leading you to believe that the people in politics are actually on your side. Most are not even if they might have objections to the status quo as you do. They are establishment for a reason and pulling in votes is their “only” goal. It’s 90% getting votes and 10% fixing america for most politicians with exceptions to the rule.

Fixing economic issues forces more people into positions of power, as they have more money to start their own businesses and the education to compete against other people. Identity politics doesn’t do that.


and then goes and posts this:

Except morality is a construct built on selfish wants and needs. The fight for inclusion is a fight I can get behind a fight for reverence beyond everyone else I cannot. We either are equal or we are not and expecting corporations which is who your argument enables are going to change it in a good way and not just to push those of already high credibility even higher is not just idealism, but absolutely not going to fix any systemic issues.

Your philosophy puts more money into already rich peoples hands, raising the minimum wage is corporate gladhanding to keep their profits high, and hiring quotas remove the ability for the best individual to get a job.

You claim to be a former conservative, I’ve never been one and always hard left but tbe democrat party is pushing to the right and authoritarian I can’t get behind that when it limits the people more than it helps them. I don’t think Mr. King would be on your side as you aren’t doing enough to fight the real problem not race relations but help for the sick and the poor. All your post and agenda proclaim is bucking the status quo but to what my friend?


Don’t be a Moderate Mike.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mike’s failures are thus:
1) Mike wants to abolish existing redress policies that help push back against institutional racism.
2) Mike lacks a moral conscience - he’s selfishly defending his place in a systemically oppressive system.


Mike - Capitalism isn’t the root cause of racism. It exacerbates it, but the underlying problem is this: racists lack moral conscience. And “moderates” are happily, deliberately ignorant of the suffering they cause victims of racists. Systemic Oppression is a structure, and structures have more than one pillar. Knock out the pillar of racism and demolishing the structure of Systemic Oppression is much easier.

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