Scheer's Tax Plan: Poor Pay More, Rich Get Transit Credit

Today, in Surrey, the Conservative Party kicked off their campaign by promising to “put more in the pockets of average canadians” - but their numbers don’t add up. This comes days after Scheer said he’d steamroll over objections and land ownership claims of First Nations in order to build a pipeline.(Reminder for Scheer: they are First Nations, with land rights - if you want to build, you gotta negotiate, not pull a tanks-through-Belgium, ya dingus)

Scheer’s plan consists of:

• Abolishing the federal Carbon Levy
(costing households up to $587 dollars per year)


• Re-introducing Harper’s Transit Tax Credit
($200/year, but only if you bought monthly bus passes, which cost an average of $120/month, too pricey for minimum wage workers, who make up 60% of the workforce)

• Exempting “house heating” from GST
(possibly saving up to $107/year, aka absolutely nothing, AND would also lower the GST rebate that minimum wage workers get quarterly)


• Exempting maternity, but not parental benefits from income tax
(maternity benefits are 55% of your previous tax year’s earnings, capped at $562/wk - which means absolutely nothing for minimum wage workers, who make up more than 60% of the workforce)

• a promise of eventually introducing a tax credit on income tax of $444 - in four years
aka never


• “We’re going to balance the budget”

• other tax cuts for big businesses, while castigating JT’s Liberals as being “in the pocket of big corporations”


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