/r/KotakuInAction shuts down, Reddit admins bring it back

Today, for a brief but blissful 30 minutes, the home of gators was closed.

/r/KotakuInAction went closed by order of the vile little hatemob subreddit creator, who posted the following to explain their rationale:

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Reddit Admins Take Sides

The vile little hatemob petitioned Reddit admins (including /u/spez/) to remove the subreddit founder and re-open their vile little center of hatred. Reddit admins acquiesced and removed the subreddit founder (/u/david-me) from control over the shuttered /r/KiA - and assigned a new vile little hate leader, who promptly reopened the vile little hate mob’s home.

Meanwhile, subs like /r/feminism and /r/Canada have been hijacked by alt-reich.


/u/spez did not respond to requests for comment.

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