Kinja, Nu-Kinja, and Sidebar Scripts: A Rundown

Heads up, Kinja-kind! Updates have been pushed to the Kinja Fixes Script, Nu-Kinja, and Sidebar Scripts.

If you use them, your browser will automagically update them in the next twenty four hours or so. If you don’t, choose between Kinja Fixes (Classic) and Nu-Kinja. These work via Tampermonkey, or - on mobile - Violentmonkey.


Kinja Fixes: In The Beginning

In the beginning, there was Kinja. And the gods beheld it, and it was good. So then the gods changed it. And lo, there came a great cry across the land.


In 2015, the first version of Kinja Fixes (now Kinja Script Classic) was released. It was pretty simple: limit the size of the sidebar and images, allow more stories to be viewed at once, and fix comment starring. It worked pretty well.


Nu-Kinja: Improved Kinja

After Gizmodo Media Group was acquired by Univision, changes started rapidly occurring. After two years of no script development, my hand was forced by the new masthead system.


So I rewrote the whole script.

My friends swore by Kinjaimproved (available as a Chrome extension, only). In a subsequent update to Nu-Kinja, I integrated that. (The extension no longer works in recent Chrome releases). I even tested it on Firefox Mobile, thanks to Firefox extension ViolentMonkey.


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