Jessica Price, story writer for ArenaNet’s popular free-to-start Guild Wars 2 MMO, has long been a target of gators. She’s never shied away for calling out sexist bullshit, whether it be from the infamous John “TotalBiscuit” Bain and his merry band of gators [Ed: links added, TBois stop bugging me plz] to shithead streamers [Ed: Deroir is a perfectly lovely streamer who focuses on tutorials and covering end-game content]. Talented, and an open feminist. Two things that the male ego cannot abide.

So of course, ArenaNet fired her. And then fired Peter Fries for supporting her. And put Casey Anderson on a shitlist.


It’s 2018 and sexism is still “winning”. It’s time to take the internet back. Let’s start by letting AreaNet know the enormity of the wrong that ArenaNet is supporting by silencing Jessica.

You can reach ArenaNet offices at +1 425-247-2500.


Some editing was in order. Rather than silently altering the original piece, we’ve added notes indicating edits. Mainly to add links.


A personal attack on Deroir has been removed. I’d like to extend a personal apology to Deroir. Deroir is a perfectly lovely contributor to the Guild Wars community. Sorry for dragging you into this mess.

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