Equal Rights Don't Exist In America, Part One: White Supremacy

There are two kinds of people who push “Equality of Opportunity”: open white supremacists, and then there are fools. This essay is dedicated to the latter, who I hope, will be learnt something this day.

So, to recap the situation that the people of this fine republic find themselves in: a historically white-dominated country, who founded colleges to re-establish a white aristocracy, once divided by slavery then reunited under Manifest Destiny, unable to outright own people didst resort to lies & legislative chicanery to assert white supremacy. This is undeniable, documented fact. That the governments of this nation not only systemically enacted physical violence but approved mob violence is also undeniable, documented fact. But this situation was not tenable; the great underclass of the working poors formed unions in solidarity and marched in direct opposition to the New Aristocrats. People of every creed, race, and tongue arm in arm. Though interrupted by two wars between empires, the union front continued to build. No longer would the poor be content with mere scraps, no longer would the people of colour be held in legal slavery and separation. The nation stood on the precipice of full-blown socialism.


So the rich threw a bone. They knew direct violence wouldn’t be necessary; as long as they could assassinate or silence the popular speakers, the people would not mount an effective opposition. And by indoctrinating some people of colour into whiteness, the people of colour could be more easily controlled. And so ended segregation, and so began the brave new era of Equal Rights.


Equal Rights was never equal; whites were still more equal than others. The whites controlled the election boards, the city governments, the state legislatures, the senate and congress. Instead of punching people of colour, the whites simply corralled them into ramshackle ghettos. When communities of colour dared to flourish, the whites simply paved over, destroying homes and businesses. When people of colour started to build a network of adequate education, the whites defunded and disrupted them.


Colonialism is a nasty father. The Romans knew long ago that by instilling puppet rulers with the Pax Romana, they could more effectively plunder the wealth for themselves. America and England continued this tradition - with their white academies, they occasionally took in a useful fool and instilled in him whiteness. England’s daughter countries did this en-masse, kidnapping entire generations of indigenous and First Nations children.

But no, ‘merica had other plans. Extending full franchise to people of colour was never on the books; people of colour would not and will not get a fair shake as long as the white institutions stand.


America *could* have forcibly assimilated people of colour if that were the intention of its white controllers. Instead, the ruling class did something more insidious: they smashed the unions, armed racists, and deliberately set the discontent underclass on their own coloured brothers and sisters.

Let’s talk about Affirmative Action, shall we?

In theory, Affirmative Action ensures a fair shake for scholars who happen to be people of colour. By forcing educational institutions of learning to search for a minimum pool, scholars of colour wouldn’t be left out by the residual generational forces of whiteness.

The Democrat believed that this would be enough to sate people of colour. The Republican hoped it would be enough to subvert self-governance by people of colour. And The Aristocrats laughed, because racism is a useful cover to plunder wealth thereby.


Affirmative Action is used today as an anvil: the white supremacist rallies against it, arguing to destroy even the smallest sliver of equity available to people of colour.

“I just care about fairness, so let’s have equality of opportunity” says the fool.


The fool does not realize that equality of opportunity requires a level playing field. The fool does not realize that what exists is a tilted table - tilted in favour of the white supremacist. The fool is that: a fool.

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