Alberta Elected The Party of Hate

In an event that surprised nobody, Settler Albertans elected the United Conservative Party - a party that put forward homophobic, racist, white supremacist candidates.

Albertans were presented with a choice: a choice between the authoritarians styling themselves as Canada’s GOP or the “hold the line” New Democatic Party. When given a choice between open white supremacists who vowed to out gay kids and steal wages or a party that promised to invest in Alberta’s infrastructure and health care, white albertans doubled down on white supremacism.


I’m not surprised. I’m angry. I’m tired.

You can lead a settler Canadian to water, but you can’t make ‘em think. Societies prosper when they’re inclusive. Workers and local economies thrive when wages are increased and when proper infrastructure is put in place. But no, Settler Alberta voted for white supremacists over their own prosperity.


The UCP party campaigned on reducing wages for youth, on reducing wages for service workers, on reducing health care funding, on outing youth members of Gay-Straight Alliances, and on scrapping Alberta’s implementation of a carbon-reducing incentive program. UCP candidates made white supremacist statements, homophobic statements, and straight up conspiracy theories. (One conspiracy theory promulgated by the UCP was that Notley accepted bribes from american oil companies to stifle development in Alberta’s oilfields… which are owned by american companies. Don’t expect rational thought from white supremacists.)

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This is an indicator of a widening divide in Canadian society. For years, Canadians prided themselves as being sane, fair, and justice-minded. But the ugly truth is that Canadians were never fair nor justice-minded. Settler Canadians have long grumbled about the hunting rights and federal payments made to First Nations folk. Settler Canadians have long grumbled that there were “too many foreigners” (read: people of colour) in Canada.


And now, they’re in the Conservative Party. Conservatives are by and large the party of white supremacy. And if Canada isn’t careful, the white supremacists will wrest control of the federal government, not just provincial ones.

White Supremacism Rising - The Politics of Spite

When Doug Ford’s “Progressive” Conservative Party swept into office, it was on the tides of spite. Despite not having an actual election platform, Ford’s PCs campaigned on spite: spite for people of colour, spite for youth, spite for LGTBQ+ folk, and spite for women. Like Trump - another bloviated, rent-seeking vampire capitalist - Ford didn’t offer a vision of the future so much as a kneejerk channelling of the worst of Canada’s racist Macdonald days.


All across Canada, white supremacism is on the rise. A whopping 69% of Conservative voters responded to a 2019 survey by saying that they think there are “too many” members of visible minorities accepted as immigrants to Canada. Just six years ago, it was 47%.


A grim portent of the upcoming federal election?

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