2018 and Gators Keep Harassing People

A rare CoolGirl™ sums up gator philosophy
A rare CoolGirl™ sums up gator philosophy

In this year of our lord 2018, Gators are still harassing people. Jessica Price is the latest victim of the stupid-ass Gamer’s Crusade; in their rush to prove that they’re not sexist, racist assholes destroying gaming, gators have gone ahead and destroyed gaming.

”We want ethics!” they cry, so they supported unethical asshats at The Escapist.


We want people who hate gamers and games out of the industry.”

People criticize what they love. Whether its the salt that gets posted to Riot Games after every patch, or whether it’s yo favorite channel breaking down why Deadpool 2 wasn’t as great as it could have been, criticism is inevitable. And gators never went after the haters. In fact, Gators immediately teamed up with people like Milo “Gamers Suck” Yiannopolis and Jack “Vidya Games R Evil” Thompson.


Being a Gator means one thing: wanting women out of gaming.

And lordy, there are a lot of gators.

It was misogynist from the start. #GamerGate got its start with Eron Gjoni’s nine thousand word screed. The first thing Gators did was harass Zoe Quinn. The first central meeting place for gators was a channel named #BurgersAndFries.


Many people have written at length about gators. Anita Sarkeesian, for one - the film critic and gamer harassed out of the industry - has a fantastic book on gators and her experience as their target.


It’s 2018 and gators are still harassing women. Now with JPrice out of the industry, their next target is Arkane Studios.


This Week In Attacking Women

Gators feel they’re being attacked by the very existence of women in games. Women express a market demand for games that include well-written female characters, like Gears of War’s Anya, Tomb Raider (2013)‘s Lara Croft, Dishonored’s Emily. But the worst thing is that women in gaming are often harassed. And calling out harassment by gators, is like, attacking gamers. (“I’m not the racist! You’re the racist for pointing out my racism!”)

This week kicked off with gamers harassing Jessica Price out of a job. Drunk on power they kept attacking, going after Arkane Studios, and hilariously (or depressingly, terrifyingly) screwing up a mass-mail harassment campaign.

So in the wake of the ArenaNet thing one of my friends’ employers apparently got a bunch of form letters demanding they be fired, except they fucked up and a bunch of them just said “%FEMALENAME”

— It’s Ettin (@Ettin64) July 11, 2018

That has been this week in attacking women, brought to you by Gatorade: feel the thirst-quenching power of hate.

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